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Do you want to develop a deeper, more meaningful level of intimacy, and a more loving relationship and to be truly understood by the person you care about most?

Would you also like to experience more trust and better communication?
Of course you do — we all desire these things.

If you’ve found this site, your relationship may be going through a difficult time, or perhaps you’re just not experiencing the same level of intimacy you used to. Don’t give up yet — all relationships experience their highs and lows. It’s never too late — you are close to having everything you need to get your relationship back on track so you can start experiencing the intimacy you always hoped for.

Best-selling authors and relationship experts Beth Banning and Neill Gibson have created a step-by-step process for creating greater intimacy for couples, now offered to you in the Marriage Guide Series. In it you’ll discover exactly what it takes to experience the love and intimacy you’ve always wanted — even if you are the only one willing to put effort into making things better. You heard that right — even if you’re the only one trying.

In the How to Save my Marriage book you will discover how to:

  • Eliminate common, but little-known barriers to intimacy.
  • Stop settling for anything less than what you really want
  • Rebuild trust and create more honesty in your relationship.
  • Turn blame, shame and guilt into open, honest, and productive conversations
  • Resolve issues while restoring the closeness and connection that’s been missing
  • Increase the quality of love, commitment, and support you feel
  • And much, more!

“These insights have helped me deepen the connection I have with my spouse. We now communicate with more empathy, respect, kindness and love.”
~ Kevin Monahan

There is still hope for your relationship, but it’s time for a completely new approach to your marriage problems.

When you learn these practical skills and easy to apply practices you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t teach them. Don’t wait any longer — start learning how to become a more intimate couple today! Welcome to the The Marriage Guide Series, where relationship experts the authors help you learn a completely new approach to overcome resentment in your marriage and to rebuild the essential trust that will help you experience the many years of intimate connection you’ve always hoped for.

In the Save Your Marriage Now book you will learn how to:

  • Finally get all the love and respect you’ve always wanted.
  • Identify and resolve the patterns that keep you stuck in fear, doubt, and anger.
  • Eliminate to the root cause of problems so you can stop repeating the same arguments.
  • Break the cycle of resentment and start to rebuild trust immediately.
  • Create a safe space to discuss emotionally charged issues.
  • And much, much more!

“This work has clarified so many assumptions we learn about relating and gave me practical distinctions to open myself to limitless possibilities of caring, connecting, and love.”
~ Tamara Sirotenko

The Marriage Guide Series gives you the tools, skills, and techniques you need to get to the heart of any situation and create solutions that everyone enjoys. No more blaming, judging or compromising — just the love, intimacy, and connection that are vital for building the strong foundation your relationship needs. Don’t wait any longer — start experiencing these benefits in your marriage right away.

Have you tried making your marriage work, but it still looks like you’re headed for divorce?

Don’t give up yet, the solution may be as simple as improving your communication. Even in the best relationships communication can sometimes be difficult, but when problems arise it can become almost impossible.

In the End Your Marriage Problems book you will finally begin to:

  • Stay calm and centered in the face of things that used to drive you nuts.
  • Create trust and honesty in your relationship.
  • Open the door to intimate sharing about your desires.
  • Create a safe space to discuss emotional issues.
  • Stop walking on egg-shells so you can express what’s important to you.
  • And much, more!

“This information has radically changed my marriage – after 30 years of struggling to work better with my husband! I am sooooo grateful. And on top of all the good stuff you learn, it is great fun doing it!”
~ Pauline Ripple

In the Marriage Guide Series, celebrated relationship advice experts Beth Banning and Neill Gibson offer skills and advice that no one else does — because they simply haven’t discovered this information.

The Marriage Guide Series offers specific steps you can take right now that will eliminate any barrier between you and the lasting love you’ve always dreamed of — and deserve! Take action now and start healing your marriage today.


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